How to Keep the Spark in Your Interracial Relationship

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Interracial relationship is many things; it is fun, exciting and beautiful, at the same time it is also frustrating, burdensome and painful. Just like every other relationship. The early stages of an interracial relationship gives us this euphoric feeling, but as time passes, you begin to feel like the spark is fading away. At this point, you need to make efforts to ensure that the relationship sustains its spice else you may end up loosing the relationship entirely. here are tip that might help:

Frequently Remind Your Spouse How Much You Love Them
No matter the color of their skin, our spouse wants to be reminded frequently of how much you love them, so don’t hesitate to verbalize your feelings to them, each time you say those words, it takes away every doubt they may have. Make it your routine to tell your spouse that you love them, a good way to go about it is to say it before you go to sleep and the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning.

Let Your Spouse in on your Race
Most interracial relationships starts having problems when they start realizing they have a lot of differences as a result of their different race and culture. You should avoid this by helping your spouse get inept knowledge of your culture, and make efforts to learn their culture too. If you and your spouse understands each otger s race, the relationship’s bound becomes stronger.

Make Your Spouse Your Partner
Your spouse should be more than just your lover, they should also be partner, explore your partnership by participating in activities that are challenging like taking a cooking class, sports, volunteering, and taking classes together. For each task you overcome , you bond becomes stronger.

Text Your Spouse Regularly
Sending “I love you” text in the middle of the day will certainly make your spouse smile. It shows that you are constantly thinking about them. It makes your spouse wants you. Your text should be short, and creative, sometimes make it a little bit erotic it should be sent frequently, at least twice a day.

Surprise You Spouse From Time to Time
No matter the race, we all love to be surprised, we all get excited and feel loved when we the people we love make effort to grant our desires. That why we also need to make effort to surprise your partner, it doesn’t matter what you get them, a box of chocolate, a ticket for their favorite show or a delicious meal can do the magic. Surprising your spouse regularly will keep the bound between you.

Frequently Go Out on Dates
Many people only go out on romantic dates at the initial stage of their interracial relationships, as soon as the outings stops, the relationship starts becoming boring, if you want your relationship to last longer, don’t let the outings end. Rather than spend Friday night on the couch watching television, you and your spouse should go for a romantic dinner or invite friends over for game night.

Tips for Successful Interracial Dating

Thinking about expanding your dating pool? You’re not alone. The fastest way to increase your choices is to meet people from different backgrounds.

Dating is already awkward enough when you’re dating someone of the same race or culture, so you can expect an increase of cringe-inducing moments when connecting with other ethnicities.

Try to take it all in stride, being uncomfortable is just a part of dating, and it always will be. Focus on whether their values align with yours and if you feel positive and compatible when you’re together.

Here are 3 Tips for a Successful Interracial Dating

  1. Be Open-Minded

This one should be easy because, to some degree, you already believe love is love and can cross ethnic and racial barriers – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Nonetheless, it’s important to have an open heart and mind to the possibility for love.

Be aware of the fact that there may be cultural differences when it comes to things like flirting. For instance, some cultures may seem as if they have a more ‘aggressive’ style of flirting than others.

Respect their background, but be open and curious. Do a little research on your own before your meet up, but keep in mind neither of you should look at the other as an ambassador or racial professor of your group.

2. Question Your Pre-Judgements

As human beings, regardless of whether you’re used to being discriminated against or accused of doing the discrimination, we all make judgements against one another.

Be aware of them and honestly hold yourself accountable for the prejudices you hold against another ethnicity that you may be bringing with you on a date. If you wouldn’t like it said to you, don’t say it to anyone else – please avoid believing you have a right to disrespect another person’s culture or use slurs, even playfully.

Quick note here: your one friend that doesn’t mind racial teasing has nothing to do with everyone else. Don’t assume your friend is the president of their race – your date may not like it. This goes for previous partners too. Dating one Chinese person doesn’t mean your next Chinese partner will be the same: tons of diversity is in every culture.

3. Date the Person, Not Their Race

There’s no need to dwell on someone’s race before your even get to know them. That’s worth repeating: race is not a part getting to know someone. Not one person on the planet can simply be defined by the skin color they were born with.

If you truly want to get to know someone, ask them about their dreams and aspirations, pet peeves, guilty pleasures or what they do on a Saturday morning. Don’t forget to share your story, and let them get to know you, too.

After all, that is the point of interracial dating right?

Get Swiping!

When you get over the difference in physical appearance of a person (and hopefully that happens pretty fast), what you’ll be left with is a person who is interested in getting to know you, or at least hanging out for a little bit!